Is Internet gambling safe?

When surfing the internet it is important to protect one’s own security and identity. In online casinos you need to know how you cannot be the victim of fraud and scams, for example identity theft. Online casinos are equipped with high security standards and have detailed information accessible from the home page.

The sites recommended by us use so-called secure encryption technology, for example 128-bit SSL encryption. This ensures that monetary transactions are based on cutting-edge technology that prevents any attempt by hackers to steal confidential information during online gaming sessions.

Cryptography is a technology used by major banking institutions and the most important credit card companies in the world. If you are already using the ATM machine without any worries or you have already gone shopping on Ebay, you have nothing to fear from online casinos.

Almost all online casino sites offer a history feature that allows only and exclusively to the account holder to monitor all operations performed. In case of questions or disputes, all the information you need at your complete disposal. Some sites are even set up for a cryptographic technology superior to that of 128 bit.

Obviously the higher the level of encryption, the greater the protection is assured. It is important to know, however, that 128-bit encryption is a technology that is more than enough to guarantee high levels of security and is the one used for the greatest.

Who is hiding behind the sparkling logo?

The secure transfer of information to online casinos is not everything. Once you give your private information to the casino, you must have guarantees that it will not be sold or used for illicit purposes.

To check the reliability of a casino, all you need to do is check compliance with some important requirements. It only takes a few minutes to find out if the site is reliable or if it is a suspicious activity. In any case, the casinos we offer have satisfied all the following three requirements:


The casino must hold the license issued by a specific competent authority. This means that a local jurisdiction (for example, the competent authority of Antigua and Barbuda) has officially licensed the casino and is legally authorized to monitor its activities. If a casino does not have a license, do not play on that site.

Reliable software

The software used by the online casino must be issued by one of the best known manufacturers. Casinos that do not have a license issued by an independent gambling authority are not entitled to use the software created by the most important manufacturers. The main software suppliers are: Play Tech, Water Logic and Crypto logic, Micro Gaming, Odds-On, RTG, Boss Media and Global Media.

Certified payments

Online casinos frequently publish reports on the percentage of revenue returned to Players in the form of winnings. The percentages of the sites recommended by us are in a “range” ranging from 95% to 98%. Casinos must publish reports from the last months of activity. To ascertain that these reports are truthful, we have verified the source of their assessment. It’s a quick but useful check that you can do yourself, for example by a company specializing in the field like Price Water house Coopers.