We at Sbancoil casino like gambling, as long as it does not become pathological. It’s normal to want to bet and “risk” a few tens of euros; this is not a symptom of any disease. Just think of games like Lotto, sports betting or Bingo. Games which the State holds a monopoly and which are very similar to casino games.

Unfortunately the image of the casino is often associated with a place without rules in which the House is free to pluck customers and cheat as he believes. On the other hand, “legalized” games are seen as honest, safe and guaranteed.

The truth is given by the numbers. The percentage that online casinos pocket in proportion to the amounts put into play is guaranteed by an independent certificate that deals only with the “payout” , that is the percentage of the total amount put into play that is returned to customers. The casinos that we offer reach very high percentages, from 95 to 98%.

To give an example if players in a certain day bet 1000 Euros, the house are required to return 980 and keep 20. In the games managed by the State this percentage is much lower. So do not be fooled by false moralist and political hypocrisy.

Gaming disorders

In cases where it is relevant, it is possible to place pathological gambling among “addictions without substances”. For some people, behavioral disturbances that are very similar to drug addiction can occur.

The pathological player shows a growing dedication to gambling, often trying to recover losses by betting an ever-increasing amount of money and increasing the frequency of bets. Generally, these are the general characteristics that a subject of this type presents:

  • The subject is constantly concerned with strategies, even when he is not playing.
  • He lost interest in a significant component of life, such as work or study.
  • He has already tried to stop playing, without success.
  • He feels the need for more sums of money available.
  • It relies completely on others for the search for additional money.
  • In cases of losses it does not hesitate to continue.
  • He also hides his problem from his family and does not intend to ask for help out of fear.
  • He has committed illegal actions, such as: fraud, forgery, theft, etc.

Online games

Nowadays an internet connection and a credit card are enough to have everything at hand thanks to the advent of online casinos that give the opportunity to anyone to play. This means that it is easier to be inclined to play, in fact you have the convenience of not having to go on site and be able to play at home in peace.

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